AA Pro Brawner Family - Constant Motion Productions

Next up on the list of AMRA AA Pro Riders is the trifecta of Zack, Alec and Nick Brawner.

Up first is the oldest brother Zack. Zack started riding when he was three years old on a pw50 and quickly made his way up the chain of bikes. By age seven, Zack was racing Supercross. After a few years of SX, he left that discipline and moved to Hare Scrambles with his dad, starting in the junior class. He enjoyed Scrambles because of the length of both track and race and made his way to pro in 2013.

Searching for new adventures in life, Zack and his brother moved to Arizona and quickly met Casey Tyson, who brought them into the AMRA family. Zack loves AMRA due to its varied terrain race to race on and would say his favorite track is the Prison Break Hare Scramble in Globe. He enjoys fast, flowing single track and Globe is the perfect race for that.

For the 2019 season, the Team Topar backed by Hard Enduro Outfitters duo  of Wayne Dickert and Mitch Carvolth picked up the Brawners. Hard Enduro Outfitters is a new shop in Cave Creek Arizona that is geared toward the hard Enduro crowd. They sell and push the Sherco brand, which their team uses exclusively.

The 2018-2019 AMRA season hasn’t been the greatest to start for either brother. Zack states that he has made too many mistakes to keep up with the leaders and is sitting third in points, -84 from Wells in the lead. Meanwhile Nick has had a better start to the season at the halfway point and is sitting second, -41 from Wells. Alec is sitting fifth in points, -88 from leader.All three say that they are picking up momentum as the season goes on and are fighting to grab the points lead. Zack trains on corner tracks a few times a week and loves every minute of his training. He plans on finishing the season strong and training harder for next season.

Nick is the middle brother but strives to keep up with his brother. Nick has been riding since he was four and never stopped since his first ride on a pw50. He loves racing against his brother because they’re both around the same speed and skill level, so you’ll never know who will come out on top.

Nick and Zack push each other to go faster and have immense camaraderie. Nick moved to Arizona in January of 2018 and joined AMRA shortly after. Nick picked things up quickly and fell in love with the series. Nick is also a single track rider and prefers the technical courses. His favorite course so far is Camp Wood, which will be round 9 in April.

Nick states that his season has been strong so far but is working to come back from Wells’s lead. This is his first full season of AMRA and plans on pursuing the championship and then possibly looking into WORCS in the future.

Last but not least, Alec Brawner is the youngest and has been riding for over 15 years. Alec hasn’t moved from Kansas yet, competing in the Forward Motion Hare Scramble series and flying to Arizona for the AMRA season. Alec started Arizona racing at the 2017 Lake Havasu round when he met a soon to be close friend that lent him a Honda 250 to race, and through the brutal course had a blast racing along the shores.

Alec states that there is a great bond and sense of camaraderie between him and his brothers. “In between test sections in enduros, we will all talk about how the test went, where we could have improved and how we feel”.

Alec feels the season is going well and is hoping for a strong points finish. Alec is the only Brawner not on a Sherco, but instead racing a Husqvarna that was purchased for Nick prior to his Team Topar deal.

Alec is planning to move to Arizona and attend Gilbert Community College to attain his aircraft mechanics license and start a career in that field as well as getting acclimated to the varied terrain and elevation that Arizona has to offer.

I talked to the Brawners’ father Jimmie and he had some words of encouragement to say for his boys. “My words of encouragement is not to give up and even when you have problems, finish. I’ve always told my boys to be courteous to people and I’ve tried to teach them good ethics and I feel confident that I have succeeded.” states Brawner. He also states that he is thrilled to see them appear in reports and magazines when they are succeeding, and that his biggest advice to fathers is to never push your kids further than they want to go, and to let them take their own pace when getting into riding and progressing through the ranks. Jimmie is also a veteran rider himself, achieving pro status in Hare Scrambles in Kansas back in the day. He was proud to see his kids grow up and surpass his skill level. Jimmie wants to see his boys succeed and loves them tremendously. Keep an eye on these amazing brothers this season!