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Nick Gabbert is the next AA profile, the FAZT Racing Prescott native.

Nick started riding at age three on a Yamaha PW50. He grew from the 50 to a 65 and began racing on that, then took time off of riding until he was 14. Since that time, Nick has been consistently riding and training. He is 27 now and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Nick loves his hometown of Prescott Valley and feels it sets him up great for the AMRA season, with Yolo Ranch (Round 1), the Roughrider 100 (Round 7) and Camp Wood (Round 9) all being within an hour from home. He also spends track time at Canyon MX and Arizona Cycle Park, which are only one and two hours away respectively. He also loves the trails surrounding Prescott as they are the perfect training grounds for AMRA. Nick rides a 2017 Yamaha 250x, being one of very few 250's in the AA class. He has ridden Yamaha for years, and states that parts are cheaper than the popular European bikes in the series today. Nick loves riding for fun in places like Glamis or the Cinder Mountains of Flagstaff, preferring the fast flowing trails to have fun on.

Nick went pro due to a love of competition and racing. He wanted to do better and to achieve goals he set for himself. Nick's first season of AMRA was the 2015-2016 season and he rode well in his first two years, then sat out for the 2017-2018 due to a broken arm. This is Nick's first year in the AA class as well as the first year back after his broken arm. He says he feels the season hasn't been terrible, he has placed well and is getting stronger as the season progresses. 

Nick joined Roxey Roach's FAZT Racing team three years ago and feels it has helped him tremendously. He states that Roxey "has become much more than a sponsor, he is a really good friend. I go to him for the important bike work and what he can't do, he learns. And not just the race bike. Practice, mtn bike, anything I need he is more than willing to help with. Roxey is the type of person you want around, positive, level headed and with a passion for racing." Roach has been with Nick every round of the season so far and has been his biggest motivator. Roach feels that having a close sponsor is a big pushing factor to a racer's career, as they can rely on the support race to race and always has someone in their corner. The beginnings of the Gabbert/Roach relationship started five years ago when Roach began riding with Gabbert and it didn't take long to see that Gabbert had what Roach wanted in a rider. Although FAZT is a small team without a massive budget, Roach told him that they have a small shop, great racing experience, and enough passion for racing to go around. Nick didn't have to think twice about the offer, and three years later, here we are. When asked about supporting an up and coming pro rider, Roach stated that "It’s amazing. Nick is like family now. Fazt and I are very proud of him and his accomplishments. He has been the main rider on the team for over 3 years and has proven that he deserves all the help we can give him to further his progression". Speaking to Nick's season so far, Roach had this to say: "Nick has done great! He came close to an AMRA Open A Championship a few years ago. Currently he is holding 3rd in AA points for AMRA. I truly believe he is going to make his mark in AMRA in the next few years". 

Nick has plans for next season, thinking of a new bike, new approach, and a quest for podiums. He states for future riders, "Keep busy, have fun with it and work hard". Nick is sitting third in AA points and 12th in Overall A points so far and plans to maintain his spot and take a season podium. Keep an eye out for this young gun out there!

Nicks sponsors for this season are: FAZT, FAZT MTB, Star Island Motorsports, Viewpoint Dual Recovery, Thumb Butte Pit Stop & Deli, Oneal, Leatt, Scott, Sidi, GoPro, and Factory Effex.

A bit more about FAZT: 

Fazt Racing is an international off-road team that competes in desert races in Mexico and in the US. Our goal is to promote off-road motorcycle racing and its riders all over the world. Next season for AMRA, FAZT will add Austin Szenina and push him to the podium during the season. When asked about if people should try sponsoring a rider, Roach stated "Yes, the money sponsors are very important to our sport. However, there are many different ways of sponsorship. If you have experiences in certain parts of life, it is important to share and help others with the same interests and goals. I think that if you have been racing and are structured for it, you should team up and support a younger rider. If you truly love the sport and want to see it progress, you have to sponsor and support the younger generations. The bottom line is to help and support everyone that has positive interests, not only in racing but also in life."