Women's B Daiana Trapp - Constant Motion Productions

The next female rider in my Women of AMRA series is Daiana Trapp. Daiana is a Women's B rider and dominates the class.

Daiana started riding nine years ago at the young age of 36. The riding Trapp family started with her husband Ben and oldest son Alex one year prior, and through persuasion, Daiana and her youngest Matthew began riding more and more. Daiana fell in love with riding the more she rode and hasn't looked back since. Daiana joined AMRA alongside Ben and Alex as they began racing. At first, she states, she was too afraid to join them at the races, but eventually became more comfortable with the sound of race engines all around and started joining them. Not too long after that, she figured if she was at the races, might as well race too! She very quickly fell in love with the racing aspect and hasn't given up on her quest for having fun and racing against her friends and family. Talking specifically about her joining AMRA, her story goes as follows: "I started racing AMRA a year or two after I started riding. My very first AMRA race was the BIG SANDY race in Wikieup put on by CTR in December 2012. I finished 5th in Women’s C class. I had never ridden in sand before and I pretty much learned how to at that race. I probably started racing way before I was ready. At the same time I feel racing AMRA has pushed me to become a better rider much faster because it’s sink or swim when you’re out there getting stuck and having to figure it out on your own without a riding partner’s help. Having said that, I also never turn down help from course workers to get pushed up or get out of a pickle here & there. In AMRA when people see you stuck they typically ask if you’re ok. In some cases they don’t even bother asking, they just stop and help (Jim & Billy Kovacs & Derick Tubbs deserve a mention here). That’s what I like about AMRA. We’re all here to race and have fun but at the same time we count on each other to stay safe out there and to inform the workers if someone needs help." 

Daiana's favorite kind of riding is single track, with an enduro twist. She enjoys short technical sections with fast sections between them, which sets her up well for the enduros that AMRA has all season long. She feels like the Mile Markers race is her favorite, not just because it's her hometown race but due to the kind of riding it offers. She states "it has everything from sand, rocks, fun flowy turns, some challenging technical stuff, to beautiful views". 

When asked about how the 2019 AMRA season has felt so far, she said that although she's been fighting some injuries in her shoulders and forearm, her season has gone quite well for her. The two harder races of the season came in rounds six and nine, Mile Markers and Camp Wood. At round six she had some difficulty with some tricky rock sections and felt as though it was about surviving, not style. Round nine was more difficult for her as test five had a long rock section that tested her skill and endurance together. She had this to say regarding her experience in that test: "I must have picked my bike up 5 times and it was pretty much ride 3-5 feet, pick up bike, repeat... This was more toward the beginning and it was not going to be sustainable for the duration of the test. So I took a long breather, pulled myself together, and managed to relax and ride relatively smoothly over some pretty technical rock sections to finish test 5. It took me over 44 minutes to finish that test alone. I was pretty happy to see the workers at the end of that test!" Despite her challenges, she took the class win in both races and has kept her points spread alive. 

Daiana enjoys mountain biking and training on the turn track near her home, as well as joining her friends Ned and Cindy Lowerre in Morristown for longer technical rides. She also has trained with and tries to stay consistent with offroad legend and trainer Destry Abbott in his DA8 Training school. She also works on her diet to help keep her in shape, limiting sugar and keeping up with vegetables and protein. 

When asked about being in a sport dominated by men, she stated that she used to feel she was in the way of other riders and that would be at the forefront of her mind during the races, but now she is focusing on running her own race and staying out of her own head. She also says her list of female riding/racing friends has helped her along the way, including "Cindy, Annie, Jilene, Kristi, Adriana, Brea, Shannon, Monique, Tracy, Marcy, Jessica, Chandra, Grace, Kim, Krista, Tina, Brenna and Evelina to name a few." She also stated that she finds motivation in female riders Nicole Vian, Kaelyn King, Cindy Lowerre and Annie Borling who push her to become faster and smoother. She says that seeing a strong female rider perform is what keeps her going, and makes her think that performing like that may not be out of reach. 

Daiana had advice to give to other girls that are interested in racing, stating "My advice to other females interested in getting into riding & racing is: be motivated by other riders but don’t compare your abilities to them at first or you may end up discouraged. Focus on enjoying your ride and putting seat time in. If you can manage to make the fun of riding & racing outweigh the stress you will start seeing progress and things that once seemed scary will slowly become fun." Adding on to that, she encouraged more ladies to try racing with this to say: "I enjoy seeing other female racers at the AMRA races and I hope that more ladies decide to give racing a try. When I started attending AMRA races, seeing other female racers like Sharon, Kristi, Chandrah & Brea all motivated me to give racing a try. I know there are a lot of female riders that come to the races that don’t race but are there to support their families. I hope that seeing me and the other female racers out there will motivate them to give racing a try. Think of it this way, when you race you get to ride amazing well planned out courses all over AZ. You get to ride in parts of the state you probably would never find yourself in otherwise. Since there’s only one winner for each class, winning is obviously not what motivates most to race AMRA. I bet the thrill of the ride and doing their personal best is why most people enjoy AMRA racing & keep coming back year after year. With more race experience you might just find yourself moving up in the overall pack. But ladies, in order for that to happen you have to show up and race!"

Daiana is a great motivator and one to look up to for all female riders. You can catch her at the rest of the AMRA season, dominating Women's B and beating up on the boys as well!